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Anxiety Reducing Paleo Naan Breads


Clients often ask me, “what can I eat and drink to calm my nervous system and get rid of this awful anxiety?” And the answer is: proteins and fats. They are the key ingredients to an anxiety-free diet. They are stabilizing and nourishing. And they can be added to ANY meal to help calm the nervous system and eliminate anxiety. Of course, there are numerous herbs you can add in there, too (I will go over that in another post!).

And on that note, every time I fix my famous paleo naan breads which are rich in protein and fat, people can’t believe how nutritious AND delicious they are! Truth is, we are all addicted to carbs and especially breads. We eat them when we are young and it’s as if once the switch is turned on, that’s it – breads will ALWAYS entice us into it’s loving presence!

That’s why learning to make Paleo Naan Breads can help with that seemingly carbohydrate craving but actually trick your body into getting highly nutrient-dense proteins and fats instead. And the great things is, they are SO, SO, SO easy to make. I made them with a 5 year old last weekend!

Anxiety-Reducing Paleo Naan Bread


1/2 cup almond flour

1/2 cup tapioca flour

1 cup coconut milk

Ghee, butter, or olive oil for pan frying

(You can switch out the almond flour and try millet flour, oat flour, garbanzo flour or another flour that you enjoy if you aren’t attached to having them be paleo.)

Here’s What You’ll Do:

Mix all 3 ingredients, pour 1/4 cup (or sometimes less if it’s a little bit runny) into a pan to cook in oil or butter. When browned, flip over and pan-fry on the other side until brown.

When finished, I lather in more ghee and eat them up with saucy meals and most especially Nepali or Indian food! They are delicious!

Options: I love spice. I also love garlic and onions which also happen to support reducing anxiety. I tend to chop garlic and onions and cilantro and put them into the batter before pan frying. I have also made a sweet version as well by throwing a little vanilla extract in there and serving them with breakfast. They are flexible enough to even be turned into a soft taco shell. The options are ENDLESS. Have fun and let me know how it goes!

Cheers to less and less anxiety and more and more calmness and relaxation.

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