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Women's Health

As women, we have unique needs regarding our natural changes in hormones from menstrual cycles to pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. Our clinicians are trained to support you on every step of the journey using acupuncture and herbal medicine to treat women’s health concerns.


Seventy-five percent of women report experiencing some premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms and five percent report a more severe version of PMS known as premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). With Western medicine at a loss for how to treat these conditions with anything other than birth control, pain medication, and antidepressants, Chinese medicine has been a beacon of hope. From acupuncture to herbs, moxa, and infrared heat therapy, our clinic has supported countless women on the journey of healing from PMS and PMDD, naturally.

Fertility Treatment 

Longing to become a parent is something we understand. Sometimes pregnancy doesn’t just happen right away. Or other times pregnancy is followed by devastating miscarriages. There are many reasons for this and just as many solutions to increase your and your partner’s fertility. We have seen countless clients coming from fertility clinics with paperwork declaring them or their partner as “infertile” only to find that weeks or months later, they become pregnant without intervention. Please reach out if you would like extra support on your journey to becoming a parent. There is so much we can do together to support you.

Pregnancy Treatment

We often get asked the question, “Is it safe to receive acupuncture during pregnancy?” And the answer is, absolutely! Not only is it safe, but it can also be a game-changer when it comes to common symptoms of pregnancy including nausea, vomiting, anxiety, constipation, fatigue, round ligament pain, hip pain, low back pain, acid reflux, and everything else that comes along with growing a little being inside of your body. Even when things are going well during pregnancy, we often recommend monthly treatment to keep your and your developing baby’s systems balanced and on track developmentally as well as supporting your body for welcoming each new stage of pregnancy.

Breech Treatment

Receiving acupuncture and moxibustion when a baby is breech has become the new standard of care, even in Western medicine. Whether at 32 weeks or 38 weeks, our team of amazing practitioners can support you and your baby to come into perfect alignment for labor and delivery. Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy will determine how many sessions you may need and their frequency in order to guide your baby into the proper position for safe delivery.

Labor & Delivery Treatment

We consider birth to be a rite of passage not only for a mother but for your whole family. A member of our team of practitioners can be available to support you during your labor and delivery. Receiving acupuncture during this time will provide an abundance of endorphins (your body’s natural painkillers) as well as increase blood flow to where it is needed most (making muscles, ligaments, tendons, and skin more elastic so as to avoid tearing), and to naturally support induction for labor that has slowed or stalled. We offer these services in tandem with your midwife or labor and delivery team and can be available for home, birthing centers, hospitals, or office visits.

Post-Partum Treatment

For many, postpartum care might consist of napping with your new little being, enjoying the abundance of wonderful-feeling hormones like oxytocin, and eating delicious and nutritious foods to recover from such a rite of passage as that of giving birth. However for others, postpartum time can be somewhat shocking, depressing, exhausting, and we can experience complications such as little to no breast milk production, nipple pain, and latch issues, as well as pain from the delivery itself, from tears, or a C-section. Regardless of your experience, we would be honored to walk alongside you on this journey of recovery and healing and can provide treatments, herbal medicine, as well as make dietary recommendations that will support you in coming home to yourself and troubleshooting the early days, weeks, and months of parenthood.

Pregnancy Loss & Miscarriage

It happens more often than you may know, miscarriages occur in 10-15% of all pregnancies. And while they are fairly common, they can still leave you feeling grief-stricken, hopeless, scared, anxious, and alone. Additionally, your physical body will have its own recovery needed to process the sudden loss. With our caring staff, receiving acupuncture treatment at our clinic can provide emotional support and physical relief. We have worked with women who have lost pregnancies at all stages from the early weeks to full-term loss. We are here to support you, please reach out.


As women our hormones naturally begin to shift as we enter menopause. Our cycles and therefore our hormones calibrate to a new rhythm. Sometimes this shift can be subtle while other times it can feel shocking and bring with it uncomfortable symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, night sweats, irritability, and others. Receiving acupuncture treatment and also potentially herbal medicine can support you in this transition to make it a more smooth and comfortable journey, one that is welcomed and not dreaded. Come see us if you haven’t been feeling quite like yourself in this transition.

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Call our office at 720-441-2392, and our wonderful office manager Mark will answer all of your questions and book an appointment. You can also schedule your appointment online. 

Schedule your appointment

Call our office at 720-441-2392, and our wonderful office manager Mark will answer all of your questions and book an appointment. You can also schedule your appointment online.