Transform Anxiety Into Your Superpower

Anxiety is the single most common mental health illness in the US, and yet no one talks about it.

People suffering from anxiety typically make a discrete appointment with their doctor in hopes of finding something to make it go away. That’s because anxiety is shame-inducing: it causes us to disconnect from our bodies, to shrink from opportunities, and to become small and complacent about the things that matter to us most of all.

But what we have to remember, is that anxiety is merely a symptom, the oil light coming on in our psyches, telling us that something has gone out of balance underneath. 

It’s time to uncover the root cause of your experience of anxiety, so you can learn how to transform it into your superpower.

Disclaimer: While this course is relevant and important for anyone interested in transforming their own experience of anxiety into their superpower, the recordings included were taught to a class of women-identified persons. Because of this, there are a few references made specifically to the feminine. This is no way devalues the courses’s accessibility or alignment with the masculine. Also, please do not take any of the advice given in this course as a replacement for medical advice. Always consult with a practitioner before making changes to your diet, exercise routine, herbs, supplements, and certainly any medications.

Okay, let’s get started! There are four parts to the course. Each is guided by Mindi via audio. You’ll notice that we’ve also included notes and visuals below audio as support. At the end of each section, you’ll be invited to take a quiz around what we’ve learned. This is essay format and is meant to help you solidify learnings. We hope you enjoy!

You can start the course today as it is self-paced. You will have an account where you can always access this course again in the future, as many times as you’d like!

Start by clicking part one below and let’s do this!

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