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Paleo Plantain Pancake Recipe


One of the reasons eating Paleo is so good for you is because it focuses on really stabilizing meals – that means, meals that your body can draw energy from for a very long time! Proteins, fats, and complex carbohydrates are nourishing and don’t give you the sugar spike of “quick carbs” and most especially of sugary things themselves, i.e. Snickers bars! But what other recipes can use that we can pair with our butter and syrup rather than grains and flour? PLANTAIN Pancakes, of course!

Plantains are a complex carb that is in the same genus family as the banana but without all that sugar (though if you let them over-ripen they DO begin to get that sweet banana flavor!) So the key to plantains is to get them while they are still green. And you can eat them a few different ways: you can slice them up, Cuban-style and pan fry them in oil give you, Tostones! This is a more savory version of plantains. Or you can do something I love and that is to make Plantain Pancakes.


  • 2 large, green (or simply less ripe-looking) plantains
  • 4 eggs


Put them in a blender together and pan fry them in some coconut oil or butter

and Viola!

Now you can really make them your own here…to make them taste more like breakfast pancakes, add a teaspoon of organic vanilla extract, sprinkle some cinnamon and/or nutmeg and you’ve got a sweeter-tasting pancake. Or for savory pancakes (like the Korean recipes!), add sliced green onions, garlic, and some kimchi and fry them up! Those are delicious as well.

High protein, complex carbs, and you’ve got yourself a meal that will be tasty AND give your body what it needs to keep going. Enjoy!

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