Pregnancy can be one of the most incredible times of a woman’s life. It’s inherently a rite of passage and a BIG step into the unknown. It’s a time when momma-to-be needs some extra support from her family and community as she prepares her body, mind, and spirit for her transition. And also a time for solitude, reflection, and “pause” before this little person with her/his/their own needs, likes, and dislikes, comes into her life.

All this being said, when you aren’t feeling well as a soon-to-be new momma (chemistry changes, nausea, ligaments and tendons stretching, constipation, hormones flip-flopping around, pressure and projections from the outside world, you name it), pregnancy can lose it’s luster.

Even though many complaints from pregnant momma’s are very common – they are not normal. For instance, some of the momma’s-to-be who have had morning sickness that trickled into their second trimester were miserable and yet their friends will tell them, “Oh, I had that too!” making them feel a little better. But a simple look into momma’s diet and her symptoms might give us a clue for a sensitivity baby is having to a certain food which is ultimately making momma feel sick! Or maybe momma needs to be eating more protein because of the stage of growth baby is in. Or maybe momma needs to spend some time crawling on her hands and knees to assist baby to get into a better position. Whatever is going on, oftentimes there are some little adjustments momma can make that are simple and helpful but they require a diagnosis from a skilled practitioner.

If you are having a difficult experience, please reach out to us! Ask the important questions. This is your time to prepare, and to get deeply in touch with yourself and this little being about to enter your world. It is sacred time and don’t take feeling terrible as the standard.

Acupuncture is a tool that can help bring momma-to-be more in balance. It can support and level out hormonal swings, build more resilience in your body, and a well-trained acupuncturist will help prepare you for what to expect in the coming weeks and months as well as give you ideas for how you can support yourself in each stage of your growth and development.

There are also TONS of herbal formulas and home remedies that could help a momma out, including homeopathic remedies that are safe for baby, too.

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