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Balancing the Fire Element: Adaptogenic Coffee


I will be honest with you…I gave up the beans a long time ago! I made the decision that despite how much I LOVE the bitter flavor of coffee, adding to it a yummy touch of cream, wreaks havoc on my nervous system! I end up feeling ungrounded the rest of the day, irritable, fidgety, and give me a few hours and I’M CRASHING. So despite having only a rare cup of decaf these days, I still do enjoy that yummy, dark, bitter coffee-like flavor. In Chinese Medicine, this flavor is so important to help balance the Fire Element (more on that later). One of the best ways to do that every morning is by using adaptogenic herbs.

So let me introduce you to this little beauty…not only is it yummy, organic, locally produced, and very much coffee-like, but you can also brew it just like you would a regular cup of joe: french press, coffee maker, stovetop espresso, etc. I call it, Koffee with a “K”. And it not only can replace that delicious bitterness that 90+ percent of Americans are addicted to each morning, it actually HELPS you by being densely populated with herbs, more specifically adaptogenic herbs.

People ask me all the time, what are adaptogenic herbs? They think I made the word up myself (don’t put it past me!). But I didn’t. Adaptogens are a class of herbs that literally help our bodies ADAPT. They let our systems go through life without clinging to the stress of the past or anticipating the anxieties of the future. They help us to just be here now. They also help to reduce cortisol. In this particular Koffee blend, there are some adaptogenic herbs that also support healthy energy and immune system response. Win = win.

Next time you come to our center for some loving’, be sure to pick up a sample of this deliciousness.

If you wind up LOVING this Koffee like we do, head on over to Rasa Koffee’s website and sign up to receive their blog as they are always sending out amazing recipes for lattes and smoothies with their herbal concoction, like this one here: Rich and Rosy Rasa Latte. So delish! And if you get excited, you can read more about adaptogens on the Global Healing Center’s website here.

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