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Acupuncture for Weight Loss


Weight is a hot topic these days and being skinny is what everyone seems to be striving for! Just open any magazine on the shelf and you are likely going to find a promotion for a magic pill that claims to help you lose weight! Unfortunately, mainstream media has set a nearly impossible standard for most women to ever be able to achieve. This superficial standard creates frustration, constant striving for an unattainable goal, and ultimately: shame.

When a client comes into my office wanting help with weight loss, we must first figure out your health vs. your weight because believe it or not, they can be mutually exclusive. I have worked with plenty of people who are, by the American health standards “slightly overweight” and yet they are perfectly healthy and could out-hike a Boulder athlete any day! But if your weight is something that is negatively impacting your self-image and your health, then it is a problem and we need to address it. Not because society says “you are overweight”, but because you want your health and vitality back! Keep in mind, who sets the standards of normal weight, after all?

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So, we must consider that there are many factors that influence our ability to gain and lose weight.

We have emotional factors like unresolved trauma, history of sexual abuse, shame, depression, stress, etc. We also have physical issues like hormonal, thyroid, or adrenal imbalances, activity levels, metabolic changes, fatigue, food allergies, and others. And lastly, there are our choices around what we consider nourishment: many of us have no idea what is good for us anymore!

Not only have our diets changed, but the very nutrients in our soil have changed! Often we could use a little guidance about what our body needs in quality, variety, and quantity in regards to creating healthy eating habits. It is no surprise that when we start eating right for our bodies, minds, and spirits, we start feeling better immediately!

Acupuncture can help speed up a sluggish metabolism, balance your hormones, and restore your core energy. This combined with the appropriate lifestyle changes and proper guidance in eating right for your unique body, can help you regain control over your weight and amplify your vitality. Please reach out if you want some support on your healing journey.

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