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Transforming Trauma


The experience of trauma is so common now that all you have to do is mention it in a circle of strangers, and you will then find yourself with several new comrades who share a similar understanding of the world. I believe the same is true for all of us who are working to heal from the effects of trauma and turn it into our strength, wisdom, and purpose. Such a beautiful time to be working to transform these wounds and the stories we hold about them into our greatest and most potent gifts. And of course, the sharing of that gift is the ultimate goal, right?! Transforming trauma is what is most needed in our world now.

Are you where you want to be on your journey? Do you have the skills you need to make the leap out of trauma and into healing? If you don’t, you know where to find me.

Did you know that I specialize in working with women who have experienced trauma? I have had 10+ years of training in this field as well as 5+ years working hands-on with victims of sex trafficking, survivors of natural disasters, and refugees in crisis after fleeing their homeland – all of whom have experienced trauma. It is true!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Inner Ocean Center for Healing if you would like more support on your journey of transforming trauma. Click here to take it to the next level. We have a new online course that you can take to transform your anxiety into a superpower!

Lots of love and hope to see you soon.

xo, Mindi


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