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Shelbey Tipton, MS

Digital Designer & Content Creator

Shelbey serves the Inner Ocean team as Digital Designer + Content Creator + Logistics Liaison and has been supporting the growth of their online presence and marketing/communications for their amazing team. She has a passion for communicating digitally what small businesses offer to their audience in an effort to build stronger community connections that ripple into global impact. With a variety of experience in the pharmaceutical, film, startup, and alternative medicine industries – Shelbey embarked from her management role to start her own digital design and content creation business in 2020. She holds a Bachelor’s in Communication, Master’s in Human Resources, and completed a Front-End Web Developer certification to bring all of her favorite worlds into one. 

Shelbey grew up in Georgia, where she went to college in Atlanta, and then made her way to Colorado in 2016. She currently lives with her partner and their fur baby, Schmitty just outside of Boulder. When she’s not creating some form of magic for herself and her stellar clients – she is embracing all things woo woo, fur babies, Dreams by Fleetwood Mac on repeat, honey in her herbal tea, chasing the moon, movie quotes, and game date nights with her guy. 

Design, marketing, communication

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