Comprehensive Intake & Treatment

Been ready for some major changes in your life? This is our most comprehensive intake available and is for long-term, BIG picture care addressing some of your most complex concerns. Comprehensive intake appointments last 2 hours and you and your practitioner will explore the following: long and short term treatment goals, nutritional consultation (following a 3-day food journal), counseling/coaching where needed, herbal medicine consultation, and of course address your immediate concerns for your physical and emotional health. We may use acupuncture, moxa, cupping, massage, acupressure, and/or counseling/coaching to get you to where you feel most supported. Together with your practitioner you will review your most recent labs, current list of medications, supplements, and herbs as well as yours and your family’s medical history. From there, a treatment plan that suits your individual healing journey and needs will be recommended.


Acute Intake & Treatment

Sometimes life throws us curveballs and suddenly we are not as functional and resilient as we once thought and the most important thing to do is to get back to work or school and resume our daily responsibilities. If this sounds like you and you are mostly healthy with just one or two concerns that have recently arisen, our acute intake and treatment might be perfect for you. An acute intake and treatment will get you back on your feet and ready to face the day. Our team leads our acute new patient appointments that last 90 minutes where you go over the most important details as to how you got here and where you would like to go. We’ll then give a treatment leveraging acupuncture moxa, cupping, massage, acupressure, and/or counseling/coaching to get you to where you feel most supported. From there, recommendations for follow-up sessions will be made.


Return Treatment

Healing is a journey and there are often many layers to peel back in order to uncover and transform from a pattern of pain and suffering to that of enhanced immunity, vitality, and optimal health. Committing to yourself and your healing is an important part of the process. Clients who commit to seeing one of our incredible practitioners more frequently for the first few months, notice more significant and sustainable changes in their health on all levels. Return treatments give you an opportunity to check in with your practitioner, discuss anything that has come up since your last session, and your practitioner will listen to your pulses and look at your tongue to assess how you are responding to treatment. Together you will discuss the changes you are experiencing and troubleshoot any new occurrences in your health and life. These appointments typically last 60 minutes.


Ear Acupuncture Treatment

Ear acupuncture treatment can provide a nice reset for your nervous system during periods of high stress when you don’t have the time for a full acupuncture session. We offer these as interim treatments between your regular sessions and they can be done while you rest/read/relax in the waiting room. We highly recommend them when working through addiction recovery, PTSD, and periods of high emotional stress.


Prompt Pay Discount – All listed prices reflect a Prompt Pay Discount of 15%. Payments received after the day of treatment will be charged at our full rate.

Hardship Discount – At times we may be able to offer a temporary discount for someone experiencing hardship. This is on a case by case basis. Please inquire if this is what you need in order to obtain treatment.

We are located in Lafayette, Colorado near Denver, Broomfield, Longmont, Louisville, Boulder & Erie. 


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