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Inner Ocean Empowerment Project Trauma Training

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Living the Full Congruence Way: A Women’s Year-Long Rite of Passage

Beginning in February 2020, we are inviting a group of women who are ready to say “YES” to living a life of purpose and exquisite aliveness for a year long rite of passage dedicated to aligning our inner truth with the outward expression of our lives. Is this you?

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Inner Quest: A 4-Day Women’s Wilderness Retreat

We invite you into a deeply soulful journey. Join a small group of women for an inspiring and illuminating 8 day, 7 night wilderness quest near Boulder, Colorado. Connect with a tribe of like-minded people, the beautiful land, yourself, and your intentions.

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Transform Anxiety Into Your Superpower

It's time to uncover the root cause of your experience of anxiety, so you can learn how to transform it into your superpower. Anxiety is the single most common mental health illness in the US, and yet no one talks about it. But what we have to remember, is that anxiety is merely a symptom, the oil light coming on in our psyches, telling us that something has gone out of balance underneath.

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About Inner Ocean

Our clinic is located in Lafayette, Colorado only 20 minutes from Boulder and 30 minutes from Denver.

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