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Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture for Hormone Imbalance

acupuncture and its benefits

The liver is an essential organ of the human body and helps in the digestion and breakdown of fats, metabolism of hormones, and destruction of toxins. So, when liver health declines, several issues like hormone imbalance, PMS symptoms, and headaches can arise. Fortunately, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture offer a solution.

Using Herbs and Acupuncture to Balance Hormones

Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture view the liver as a diverse “organ system” that governs many bodily processes and helps maintain optimal health. Therefore, the liver “meridian” is considered connected to the whole body and is considered the commanding officer of the body’s Qi or energy.

Acupuncture uses needles that help restore the flow of energy in the body. The traditional treatment aids the organs in working at their optimal level, thereby restoring hormonal balance.

Besides naturally curing hormonal imbalances, acupuncture targets the liver responsible for metabolism and housing emotions in traditional Chinese medicine. It promotes liver health, and the liver then balances hormones, reduces anxiety, and induces relaxation.

Similarly, traditional Chinese medicine consists of extensive lists of herbal formulae that effectively restore hormonal balance. They are often used to supplement acupuncture treatments for faster healing and recovery from hormonal balance.

Moreover, herbal medicine is made using combinations of different herbs, which can help improve other regions of the body help with stress management, aid with digestion, and reduce the frequency of migraines. Optimal organ function can naturally restore the body’s hormones to optimal levels.


The benefits of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture are numerous. For starters, these treatments are not invasive, nor do they involve pharmaceutical drugs that disrupt the body’s natural biochemistry.

Moreover, acupuncture only uses needles to redirect the flow of energy. It does not force the body to do anything or make changes to the body through chemical means.

Similarly, traditional Chinese medicine is made using natural ingredients that do not have detrimental effects on the human body. Equally important is the suggestion that different combinations of natural herbs are not only good for the endocrine system but also for other imbalances and ailments of the body!

However, you should always contact a professional acupuncture specialist and a licensed herbalist for traditional Chinese medicine. The correct placement of needles is essential for restoring balance to your Qi and endocrine system. Similarly, only a licensed herbalist can concoct an accurate herbal remedy using different formulas. Refrain from getting treatments from unlicensed individuals since it can further aggravate symptoms and conditions! Stay healthy!

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