How to Find an Acupuncturist in Lafayette


If you’re suffering from infertility challenges, depression, anxiety, or any other health problems, acupuncture and Chinese medicine might be just what you need to help relieve your symptoms and improve your quality of life. However, since you don’t want to go just anywhere to get this treatment – or be treated by anyone who isn’t qualified – it’s important to know where to look when searching for an acupuncturist in Lafayette. Here are some questions you should ask when looking for potential practitioners.

What is Your Specific Concern

While any licensed acupuncturist will be able to provide some relief, it’s best to find one that has experience with your specific concern. For instance, if you are struggling with postpartum depression, try to find an acupuncturist who specializes in this area. If you’re looking for a fertility specialist, make sure they have experience with fertility challenges. Remember that not every provider is right for every person and sometimes you’ll need to try a few different providers before finding the right fit.

What to Expect

Acupuncture treatment can vary from person to person, depending on their specific needs. The most common use for acupuncture is pain relief, but it also assists with other physical and mental health concerns. Acupuncture treatments are done in a seated or lying down position and involve the use of very thin needles inserted at various points along the body. Some people find the insertion of needles to be uncomfortable while others report feeling nothing at all.

Follow Up treatments

You can expect a follow-up treatment to be scheduled after your first visit. How many treatments are needed really depends on the condition that you are treating and how long it has been going on for. For example, if you are treating anxiety you might only need one or two sessions whereas someone who is dealing with depression may need a few more.

Contact Inner Ocean

Inner Ocean is a Lafayette acupuncture clinic that offers acupuncture and Chinese medicine for pain management, health, anxiety, depression, grief, miscarriage, fertility challenges, postpartum concerns and more. Inner Ocean can help you find relief from your symptoms by coming up with a plan that’s tailored to your needs. Contact Inner Ocean today for more information or to book an appointment!

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