Acupuncture Treatments for Addiction


Are you or someone you care about battling alcoholism or other substance abuse issues? Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment can help with alcoholism, drug addiction, and other disorders including food addiction or difficulties with porn addiction. Acupuncture for addiction can help patients deal with the psychological and emotional components of recovering from substance usage as well as the physical signs of alcohol withdrawal.

SUDs, or substance use disorders, are a major global health issue. According to estimates, more than 20 million Americans today struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction of some kind. Although anyone can become addicted, young people are particularly vulnerable to substance abuse. When teenagers and young adults start taking drugs or binge drinking, it can seriously harm their brain development and raise the possibility that they will become alcoholics or addicts.

The number of people who are severely dependent on prescription painkillers or purposefully abusing opioid drugs like fentanyl or Oxycontin has substantially increased in recent years due to the surge in opioid use. Opioid medication addiction can develop quickly in people. One of the main causes of death in the United States is accidental overdose, which has been a factor in the recent drop in the average life expectancy.

To get clean and heal physically and emotionally from a substance use disorder, however, you will likely require some kind of treatment and support system if you are aware that you have a major problem with addictive behaviors.

Acupuncture Treatments for Addiction

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TCM has created remedies to support people in reducing their alcohol intake

Chinese medicine and alcohol have been associated for many years. We have evidence of the usage of alcohol for its aesthetic qualities and in therapeutic preparations dating back to 1600 B.C. But alcoholism issues are a long-standing problem in Chinese culture as well, which is why TCM has created remedies to support people in reducing their alcohol intake.

According to TCM theory, drinking too much alcohol throws off the Yin and Yang balance and causes the body to overheat. In conventional medicine, the liver’s effects of alcohol consumption are frequently discussed. According to TCM, binge drinking strains the stomach and spleen and promotes the growth of dampness. As a result, acupuncture for alcohol addiction frequently focuses on strengthening the stomach and spleen while eliminating heat and dampness from the organ systems.

TCM treats substance use disorders holistically, which means we pay attention to the emotional, mental, and spiritual issues related to addiction in addition to the physical withdrawal symptoms.

Most drug or alcohol dependence occurs in persons who are already going through some sort of emotional struggle or mental health condition. When the substance is removed, those emotions surface once more and demand attention. The anxiety and depression that many people experience when they stop drinking or using drugs is debilitating.

Because they are not ready to discuss the trauma that precipitated their anxiety or depression, some people may avoid 12 step programs, AA meetings, alcohol rehab, drug addiction facilities for substance use disorders, or even one-on-one talk therapy. Without getting into these topics, acupuncture treatment can be highly beneficial for anxiety and despair.

TCM’s Approach to Addiction

Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture treatments for addiction recovery is helpful in the following ways:

  • Detox – TCM has a long history of actively attempting to rid the body of poisonous chemicals in order to enhance both physical and mental health. Combining Chinese herbs has been found to be a highly effective method for detoxing from all types of drugs. An internal (as a tea or capsule) and external (as detox patches) application of herbs is used in a TCM detox treatment program to pull toxins from the body and provide a thorough cleansing for the liver and other organ systems. 
  • Reduces Cravings – Using auricular acupuncture and applying pressure to acupressure points on the head and ears for cravings can be quite successful, regardless of whether the issue is food, alcohol, nicotine, opioids, or some other behavior, such partaking in porn. Acupuncture has been proven to be effective in treating withdrawal symptoms from opioids and heroin as well as preventing relapses.
  • Mental Health – Acupuncture patients who were being treated for addiction said it gave them more faith in their abilities to quit. The harmful consequences of stress and anxiety are reduced with acupuncture.
  • Sleep Help – Many people first turn to drugs because they struggle to fall asleep. People who stop drinking and using drugs may experience restlessness and insomnia. People can benefit greatly from acupuncture when they want to unwind and have better, longer-lasting sleep.

According to studies, electro-acupuncture and auricular acupuncture help lessen cravings and ease anxiety associated with quitting drinking. Neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin, which are involved in the brain functions that make some narcotics so addictive, have been demonstrated to be affected by acupuncture.

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