The Benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) During Pregnancy

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Chinese people pay particular attention to herbs taken by pregnant women. Many well-known TCM formulations or Chinese prescriptions have been developed by TCM doctors and are known to be useful in assisting women in preparing for the various stages of pregnancy.

TCM During Pregnancy

TCM can be useful in assisting women in preparing for the various stages of pregnancy

We need to look more closely at how Chinese herbs interact with one another in order to comprehend how these prescriptions function. Each herb has a unique role or collection of functions to maintain the internal body environment’s harmony and balance, according to the fundamental principles of TCM.

To guarantee a smooth pregnancy, it’s crucial to maintain balance between the qi (energy flow) and blood. A TCM physician creates a prescription by combining individual herbs or combinations of herbs. Each TCM herbal prescription is personalized for the patient. As a result, not every formulation is appropriate for everyone. It is prescribed based on the unique set of symptoms that each patient presents. For instance, in TCM, herbs with cooling characteristics are employed if a patient has a fever.

The herbs aid in restoring the body’s internal harmony and condition and also work to relieve various pregnancy-related side effects like nausea and vertigo. Therefore, it is crucial for expectant mothers to comprehend the underlying concepts of the herbs before deciding to use them as medication, food, or a tonic. If herbs are used improperly, side effects like miscarriages, induced abortions, or harm to the fetus may happen.

Always Work With a Professional

Herbal combinations should be based on their inherent functional qualities. Chinese herbs can interact with one another in a number of fundamental ways. For instance, using herbs with similar qualities boosts or enhances the formulation’s overall capacity for healing. The effects of the herbal couplet may also counteract or oppose the effects of the entire mixture if different herbs are utilized.

Generally speaking, there are two categories of herbs that pregnant women should avoid. That’s why it’s crucial to talk with a professional who is qualified in using TCM during pregnancy. There are also some herbs that need to be used very carefully and should only be given by skilled TCM doctors. These herbs have unfavorable properties and could impair the development of the fetus even if they are not inherently harmful. ​

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