The Benefits of Acupuncture During Your Menstrual Cycle


Most women are aware of the need to take good care of themselves throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period, but many tend to underestimate the significance of a regular menstrual cycle.

Stages of a Menstrual Cycle

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<a href=httpswwwinneroceancenterforhealingcomacupuncture>Acupuncture<a> techniques can support a regular menstrual cycle

A typical menstrual cycle contains four stages:

  • Menstrual Flow: In order for fresh blood to regenerate, old blood must be expelled during menstrual flow, a descending flow of energy and blood.
  • Post-Menses: After menstruation, the governing and conception vessels experience a vacuum that needs to be filled with fresh blood and essence. This can be accomplished by enhancing kidney and digestive processes. The uterus is prepared for implantation and pregnancy by the fresh blood.
  • Ovulation: Kidney function improves and prompts ovulation in the ovaries.
  • Pre-Menstrual: The blastocyst’s implantation is facilitated by premenstrual kidney yang energy (fertilized egg). The yang energy will peak and diminish in areas where there is no implantation, and menstruation will resume.

An average menstrual cycle typically lasts 28 to 35 days. Menstrual cycles start at adolescence when a woman is between the ages of twelve and fifteen; although, some girls experience their first period at this age as young as ten or even eight; and cease after menopause, which happens between the ages of forty-five and fifty-five. Menstrual cycles, which allow oocytes (ovum) to be produced, mature, and prepare the uterus for implantation, are a crucial part of a female reproductive system that enable pregnancy.

Inconsistent menstruation, insufficient or heavy menstrual bleeding, menstrual pains, and the development of cysts and fibroid may be the results of deviations from the aforementioned stages. Weekly acupuncture treatments can support women in maintaining normal menstrual cycles, according toTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The term “acupuncture” refers to the use of needles and moxibustion to activate acupoints on meridians, the pathways through which qi circulates and connects the body and organs to promote the flow of energy and blood.

How Acupuncture Regulates Menstrual Cycles

Three acupuncture techniques can support a regular menstrual cycle:

  • Activate the energy gateways to clear blockages or stagnation in the body’s meridians to increase circulation. This increases circulation by stimulating the flow of blood and energy.
  • Pathogens that cause internal discord are eradicated while the body’s immune system is strengthened. Strengthen body and eliminate pathogens.
  • Maintain yin-yang balance because good health follows yin-yang balance.

In addition to receiving acupuncture during your menstrual cycle, patients should avoid cold foods and beverages, engage in regular exercise, and go to bed early to preserve menstrual wellbeing.

We would love to help you control your menstrual cycle. Please feel free to get in touch with us or arrange an appointment if you have any questions.

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